Additional closed beta test schedule

Hello Guys 🙂
It seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve been informed about the additional closed beta test schedule.

With your great support, we were able to complete the first beta test period and collect meaningful feedback from testers in many countries around the world.

During this process, we’ve been able to attract some domestic investment, not a big one, and we’re being offered several different ways(lol).
And therefore, the schedules at above have caused some delays in communicating with you, and today we’d like to share with you a planned and updated version of the game.

“9DKA” plans to conduct about two additional tests before its “EA” schedule on May 28.
The content to be covered in this announcement is a closed test schedule that will be held for three days starting March 27 and the 2nd open beta schedule and information will be announced in the last week of March.

The following test build information to be mentioned below are those that are either internally under development or are in the process of materialization, which will lead to some changes at the time of the final patch note disclosure in 2nd Week of March, and detailed information for each update task will be announced at the final patch note in #game_information.

1. New Updates

– Duo Game Mode (+new contents)
– New Characters (Including female Characters)
– Weapon Skin for each type
– Death Cam & Observing view

2. Core Improvements (Fully updated in May)

– Character Animation Optimization (movement, combat, etc)
– Basic Combat Mechanism

3. Other Improvements

– Matching Queue optimization
– New features for the free-view period
– In-Game Character effects added (new condition for each status)
– In-Game UI optimization