1st beta test ends & future beta schedule announcement

Hello guys, as we’ve noticed from the last announcement, we’d like to share our future beta plans that allow you to participate 🙂

[Closed Beta Test]

Since we’ve received various feedback from testers, we have massive dev schedule for each month until May and we’d like to proceed a closed beta test by recruiting testers by our community.

Our goal is to gather 30~40 testers for each region that we’ve set currently (NA, EU, SEA, KR) and run a closed beta test for couple times for 3 months.
We will build a separated community for those testers and share the detailed information to communicate through the test schedule.

First closed beta test will proceed at the end of the March and if you wish to participate, you can just fill the format below and send it to me by Discord(JWG#6889) or an email(support@joongwongames.com)!

1. Discord ID
2. The region that you will access our game
3. Personal email
4. Steam ID

We do have special gifts for our recruited testers (will be announced with the full info next week) so please, if you have time to participate or want to join the test with your friends, please let us know.

[2nd beta test]
We will announce the detailed information before February so please stay with us to get full information!